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2 definitions in advance:

Catholic worldview:

The adjective Catholic (from the ancient Greek καθολικός Catholicikós 'all-encompassing') is unnecessary as a supplement to the word "world view", since world views always have the whole-, and not parts of it in focus. In this respect, a pleonasm. Its use in the name "Catholic Church" indicates both a claim to power and the fact that within this worldview God is seen as the creator of all things. Music and astronomy are no exceptions because, by definition, no outside is conceivable. A liberation from the supremacy of the church took place in context of the Enlightenment.


Symbols create abstract contexts of meaning that differ from the principles of cause and effect. They differ from analogies by assignments by definition. Example: 8 Beatitudes. Where are 8 Beatitudes mentioned in the Bible? Could it be more? Why is there reference to the number 8 in numerous works of art as well as in music when reference is made to the beatitude? It is a learned connection without causal or analogue reference. Like everything embossed, embossing has an impact on the psyche and can be called up again by so-called “triggers”, e.g. octagonal baptisteries, baptismal fonts and pulpits, 8 parts of speech, octagonal imperial crown, octagonal religious buildings, 8 days of the week according to bibl.count, 8 church keys, the octave as epitome of consonance show that great importance was attached to the coherence of the references. In addition, the horizontal ∞ appears as a sign of infinity. Today one would speak of a corporate identity of the world manufacturer.

Cultural-historical research only makes sense if the respective spirit of time is included. This enables us to integrate the traditional works of art in the context of their time of origin and to understand the underlying intention. The following pages have no other goal than that.

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