8 Folklore is a science with interdisciplinary profile:

Here, crafts, religion, history, language, fashion, music and painting a respected place - in short, everything all have in common, with a special look for the Regional and Local. From the painted furniture it is not far to the painted instrument, and an awareness of the specific sound characteristics of Flemish, French or Italian instruments is granted only to persons who involve the historical and social context.

Prof. Elisabeth Roth, * 1920 - † 2010 founding rector of the University of Bamberg - an authority solely by exemplary behaviour, technical competence, humility, discipline and intercultural openness. Terms such as « home country » and « people » never had something pejorative for her, but deserve special esteem, simply because people deserve this appreciation. Hence their contact with the youth has not been lost and so she could end a seminar, which finished at lunchtime, with the words literally translated: "Now we we are all going to interject something".