The history of the Keyboard
Of keys, death and love

A narrative allows the amusing digression and facilitates the visualization of cross-correlations. It is the first wide-ranging presentation on the history of the keyboard, packed into the story of a family, visited by a late medieval scholar receiving first hand what has happened.


"The term globalization is unthinkable without keyboards. Whatever happens in economy will be prepared and launched with keyboards. What would Google be without keyboards? But it is astonishing that this powerful search-engine is not able to find a whole series of histories-of-the-keyboard. Therefore, it speaks for itself, if the author catched up this desideratum and has summarized its relevance to culture, to mathematics, technology, music and economics - just to name a few. There is some evidence that he herewith presents the key work to the topic keyboard. "

Prof. Walter Fumagalli, lic.oec. HSG, Lorange Institute of Business