Adoption of occidental harmony
in the UNESCO list of intangible world cultural heritage

From the preamble of UNESCO:

"Since wars arise in the minds of the people, peace must also be anchored in the minds of the people."

Inclusion of the research results presented in the curriculum


  • The illogical nature of the interval designation requires a comprehensible explanation.
  • The Christian symbolism of the Western tonal system is part the early Christian and medieval world view and is therefore both European cultural heritage and evidence of a conscious influence of the church, whose manipulative character must be made transparent.
  • In addition to the historical localization, dealing with history also serves the purpose of learning to tolerate the coexistence of different worldviews.
  • Promotion of the polydisciplinary understanding of European cultural history: music, art, theology, science.
  • The ethical content was adopted by the Greeks and integrated into the Catholic worldview. The focus here is on the received appreciation of human historical empirical values.
  • In contrast to other subjects, which are basically about competition - also in sport one speaks of competition and winners - music conveys synergy skills and leads to a better quality of perception and quality of life.
  • The theory of harmony is important wherever different elements influence one another and depend existentially on a functioning whole. On a more general level of understanding, it is about treating each other with respect and dealing with nature with respect.
  • After the UN General Secretary António Guterres stated at the UN summit meeting in September 2021 that the world was moving in the wrong direction, whether it was about climate, conflict or nuclear weapons, it is high time to convey the theory of harmony in all its depths and importance. In order to achieve a functioning interplay, a different vocabulary is required, and words such as consideration, interest and mutual respect must lead to corresponding actions.
  • Just looking at the two different natures of people leads away from prejudices and generalizing blame and creates a "we-feeling" simply by recognizing the underlying common problem. The most important prerequisite for a promising problem solution is an objective description of the current situation.
  • The damage that has been caused and is currently being caused by strategic thinking is too great to be able to neglect its perfectly fitting counterpart - the theory of harmony.
  • The theory of harmony is of global system relevance.


Current Observations

On the occasion of the current UN General Assembly, it can be observed that two objectives are clashing, which could not be more incompatible: the strategic and the synergetic.

A strategic goal can only be achieved with a supremacy, a synergetic one only with cooperation. Synergy is far more efficient. The strategic mindset can currently be observed in the armament in the Indo-Pacific.

Chinese aircraft carrier

The world climate, on the other hand, requires a synergetic approach. In both cases we are dealing with global threats, because a nuclear counter-attack is just as destructive as environmental conditions hostile to life.

For this reason it was repeatedly mentioned that acts of war should be avoided and the appeal to cooperate was heard just as often:

Accordingly, nothing less is required than a novelty in human history

Since evolution is unable to make the necessary adjustments at the required speed, the survival of the species depends solely on the adaptability of the mind, i.e. on whether it succeeds in switching from strategy to synergy.

Shift in the balance of power

Because theory of harmony, which has provided an example of successful synergetic interaction for 2500 years, always came along unarmed, it was easy to reject it as being unrealistic. The Greeks were already very aware of their fragility and it is no coincidence that the marriage of Kadmos and Harmonia is described in mythology as a unique special case in which order and harmony came together - to a perfection that also extended to the city and the cosmos. The conditions are comparable to paradise. The bridal wagon was pulled by a lion and a boar - a not exactly realistic idea.

Frans Snyders, A lion kills a boar,
The picture Art collection, Alamy Stock Photo

As a wedding present, none other than Zeus, the father of gods, is said to have presented "everything perfect". Roberto Calasso has dedicated an own treatise to this event.

This describes the basis that the Christians found. They have adopted the principle of unifying the different. It is found in maximum condensation in the expression love of enemies. Thus the theory of harmony continued to exist as a global ethic until a strict separation of music and theology was enforced in the course of the French Revolution. Therefore, the knowledge of the earlier interdependence has been lost and the hidden meaning of the interval designations - the prime and the octave - is no longer understood.

The global ethic has always been disregarded. Every war is evidence of this. The reason for this was that he lacked assertiveness. Today the theory of harmony has a powerful ally in nature and with every further heat wave, with every hurricane and every flood disaster, the balance of power shifts. Nature will take care of its attention itself.

Flood disaster in the Ahr Valley, Germany, 2021

If there is no collective rethinking, nothing other than a fight for the remaining living space is to be expected. Nature is not to be impressed by military armaments.


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