B21 Reply to no answer

Reminder letter to numerous culture editorial offices in Switzerland, Germany and Austria


Dear Sir or Madam,

Two months ago I sent you and a number of other cultural editorial offices once again information on current research results concerning the rediscovery of the Christian symbolism of the Western tone system, and referred to my homepage, where the issues were made easily understandable in video presentations and blog posts.

From the 3rd century to the 17th century, the divine origin of music - MUSICA DONUM DEI - was a valid doctrine, and still J.S. Bach was among those who sought to defend the "majesty of ancient music" from the spirit of the Age of Enlightenment. The identification of his drawings in the art of the fugue is another find in this large-scale cultural-historical context - a visual and acoustic credo that is not difficult to understand if one is interested in it.

All this was not worth an answer. Certainly, the theological contamination of music is not in keeping with the current spirit of the times, but I would have believed in your knowledge recognizing a cultural heritage, treating it with appreciation and enabling by a public debate to include it in school education.

Not to do so encourages those tendencies that prefer economic and strategic single-handed ways. In contrast, the harmony theory stands for synergy competence. Very unlike military and sports activities, there are no winners. Their ethical content was clearly recognized by both the Greeks and the early Christians, has lost nothing of its validity, and is given a new relevance in the context of man's exploitative behavior towards nature.

Networked cultural scientists - including members of the International Society for Musical Theological Bach Research - experience such an ignorance as discrimination and as a simple strategy of wanting to eliminate facts by not even perceiving them. Our cultural history shows people a mirror. Even if one smashed it completely, this would have no influence on one's own identity and one's own appearance, but on the possibility of self-recognition. The process of eliminating unpleasant truth has a rather ugly name and that is censorship. Resist the beginnings and do not let the infiltration of your own journalistic ethics blindly happen!

The theory of harmony does not take sides because it seeks to impart non-partisanly. Nevertheless, not a few see a danger in it. Why don't  you ask society why?

I remain available for a substantive further dialogue.

With great respect

Aurelius Belz