Imprtance and prognosis

No other cultural asset is of greater importance to mankind. It is the true silverware - the most valuable supra-confessional part of Western culture.

The ethical content of the theory of harmony is over 2500 years old, of Greek origin and was integrated into the monotheistic Christian world view. He applies the highest standards to both politics and any interpersonal action by demanding non-violent synergetic action regardless of any discernible differences.

The current global political situation is far removed from this. Even in the face of the climatic threat situation, spontaneous, consensual action is rarely observed and the conflicts between states continue to fuel the arms race as if our living space could be destroyed more than once. There are currently 100 million people fleeing war, violence and human rights violations.

From the point of view of the civilian population, those in power, especially in dictatorships, behave not very differently than criminally addicted people, whose purpose in life seems to be to outdo one another. Keeping them in check is impossible without their own weapons, which is why even nations committed to neutrality cannot do without a defense budget. The special situation in Switzerland was presented in the menu "Political Environment".

It is up to the reader - as long as he does not want to turn as in former times to the oracle of Delphi (see picture in the corner) - to make a prognosis for the future based on the daily reports.

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