A14 To support a study in tension between two arts,

painting and music, it seemed advisable to appoint a second supervisor with appropriate technical specialization. Therefore I attended utside of the given curriculum musicological seminars and lectures with Prof. Marin Zenck who was willing to take over the co-supervision of my thesis. The result was the access to the musical vision, and an aesthetic reflection on the encounter of the arts, ranging over Adorno's postulated convergence. The arts as such do not know each other, have no opinion one of another, show no affection nor some form of adhesion. We are only confronted with material that can be processed and interpreted in one way or another. The result is an objectified access to more-medial art as encountered in connection with a painted instrument, with music in the sacred space or with the opera. As an example of a leading sound and picture art designer Richard Wagner comes into focus. However, the term "Gesamtkunstwerk" used by him points beyond the pure bimediality and was therefore to undergo a differentiated approach.